Never ending card

To start out this card I will tell you how to fold it to read it, then I will take you through a few steps to make the base.
First you will press down on both sides of the card.


Then you will press on the top and bottom, to fold.

Now once again you will press on both sides.

Your almost finished. Press on the top and bottom for this fold. Then you can just keep repeating this because the more you repeat these folds the more you enjoy the card and it is relaxing.IMG_0969

Okay let’s start cutting cardstock. I like to use a heavy cardstock because it will get a lot of use. Each card is made up of 4 pieces cut at 3″ X 6″. Now score all four pieces at 1 1/2″ and 4 1/2″. Two pieces turn long ways and score at 1 1/2″ from the score lines to the edge on both ends. Now for this demo I did use two different colors so maybe you could see better what I’m doing.

Place the two with the extra score lines down on your work table. To make it a little easier I put a small piece of tape to hold these together.

Now only put glue in the four corners. Match up the corners of your other two pieces, making sure they are laying cross ways.

After your glue dries, fold card pressing on both sides. Score good after each fold. Next fold will be pressing top and bottom, again score. Third fold is pressing back on each side, score and one more time top and bottom.

You can decorate the card with rubber stamps, decorative paper or flowers. Just go wild. I used a set of laughter stamps form Fiskers for the above card.


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